Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My almost 17 month old :)

I want to do a quick post about all the things Ryan is doing now.  There are a lot of things about this age that are challenging, but I still love it. He cracks me up and amazes me every day with the things he does and the things he is learning.  Little things that someone else would probably not see the humor in or find all that amazing are funny and amazing to me.  His personality is coming out so much; after having a baby for so long, all the new things he does now are so fun to watch.

He has 15 words now, maybe more if I am forgetting some. I keep adding to the list as I remember new ones. Right now he can say: mama, dada, nana, hi, belly button, cat, thank you, poo poo, hot, baby, uh oh, balloon, boo, apple.   Most of those, anyone but us probably would not know what he was saying, but I guess that's perfectly normal for toddler-speak.  I can really tell his vocabulary is about to explode though!

Every morning when he wakes up, I bring him into bed with us for about 20 minutes. He nurses, then jumps on daddy to wake him up, and then proceeds to be a total goofball.  Last week, he pulled up my shirt and started blowing raspberries on my stomach like we do to him. It was absolutely hilarious and he thought so too!

Whenever anyone comes over to the house (often this includes Todd or I coming home) he has to run and grab something, anything, to show them. Usually whatever toy is closest - he just needs something to show them. He will start to run toward the stairs where the front door is, then stop halfway, turn around to grab a toy, and then finish running to the stairs.

If you sit him in your lap and ask him "what stinks?" he will nonchalantly lift his foot up to your face. Or, if his timing is really good, he'll fart lol.

He claps whenever an audience on TV claps, someone finishes a performance on TV or in real life (like the magician at his friend William's birthday party), or when a song finishes on his CD in the car.

He claps for himself as soon as he goes on the toilet, every time, and looks at you like "come on, I just peed, aren't you going to clap?!"

He kicks his right shoe off nonstop, it's impossible to keep it on.  It's not that he doesn't want it on, because he'll give it to you and want you to put it right back on, he just likes to kick it off. This exasperates me in the food store because I have 2 options the whole time, 1) constantly put the shoe back on or 2) respond to every fellow, well-meaning shopper that yes, I know he's missing a shoe, it's in the cart, thanks! lol.   His shoe has also been returned to the courtesy desk.  As I type this, I realize I should just take both shoes off in the food store. Then he can't kick one off, and nobody will think he's missing one...duh!

He has 10 teeth now.

He can sign "more," "please," "water," and "milk."

He just learned to throw kisses and it's adorable.  He also just started bringing his lips to mine when I ask him for a kiss, it melts my heart.

He is into everything - I can't keep up with him. Thank God I do not have one of those husbands who comes home and says "what do you do all day?" when the house is a mess, there are dishes everywhere and piles of laundry. Some days it's amazing how little I can get done no matter how hard I try.

We just broke ground on our new house!  Closing date is set for 8/28. I can't wait. We will have so much space, and finally a backyard for Ryan.

He has started to climb. He can get up onto some big toys, and the chairs to his toddler-size table, and stand up high. I alternated between running over and making him get down, and letting him be. If I see that there's nothing around that would really hurt him if he fell, and he's not up high, I try to take a deep breath and let him be, because he does need to fall a few times and learn from it.

He loves to help me with laundry. He can unload the dryer into a basket, and will also load it if I hand him the things from the washing machine one by one. He is very precise about it. If something falls on the floor or is hanging out of the dryer, he quickly fixes it.

He loves to take his toys and pitch them over the baby gate to watch them bounce down the stairs. This drives me crazy. Any toys he throws down there he doesn't get back for the rest of the day. He has 900 toys; this doesn't phase him.

He loves his daddy. He says "dada" constantly - at least 200 times for every "mama."  He mainly says "mama" in the middle of whining of he's upset about something, or impatient for a meal. When you come in our door downstairs, the alarm beeps, and as soon as he hears that beep he yells "dada!" even if it's not him. He looooves when dada gets home.

He understands so much of what you say.  You can ask him to find a certain toy, ask him to find his cup and bring it to the table, ask him if he wants a snack, where the vaccuum is etc. etc. and he knows how to respond.  The other day I was putting his toys back together and told Todd "I'm looking for the thing with the little apples in it" and Ryan jumped up, signed "more" and ran over to his table and patted it - he knew he had been having apples as a snack earlier, and wanted more. It's little things like that that amaze me because it's just such a big change from the baby stage. It's amazing to watch them learn and see all the things they understand!

I will post some pictures soon!