Friday, February 10, 2012

I have a 13 month old.

I have a 13 month old. You know what that means? I haven't blogged in over 7 months and I am SO mad at myself for that. It would be one thing to not be getting our memories into this blog but getting them into the baby book, but I'm terrible with THAT too. What is wrong with me? Every day I say I'll get to the baby book, find the camera, charge the camcorder...yet time is flying and I'm not keeping up with any of it. I will never be able to remember all the things I would if I had kept up, and I feel like I am letting Ryan down. I get determined to do better and then I think "but what's the point if I've already let so much time pass?" and I know that's not the right attitude. I hope that I really can do better and that I can start by going back, looking at pictures, remembering as much as possible, and getting it down in the baby book, and here. If I was going to be diligent about one thing it should be recording memories for Ryan, cataloging our days...why am I such a failure at that? :(